Minecraft Pocket Edition

1.9 for iPhone



Build your own world block by block


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Minecraft Pocket Edition is the portable version for iOS devices of the successful Minecraft.

Although the possibilities of this portable version aren't as huge as the ones in the major version, we'll find a lot of them, starting with 36 kinds of blocks and your taking your brains as the power of the potential of the app, we think this portable version is more than a common game and can give you hours of fun.

Hopefully, one of the elements conserved in this portable version is online multiplayer capabilities, which will allow us to enjoy our world with other players.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is, nowadays (more updates will come) a decaffeinated version of the powerful and successful Minecraft that, for sure, will grow as soon as those updates will give it more functions.

Minecraft for iPhone, you've been asking for it since you first played on PC. Download it!